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Everything you need. Everywhere you go.

We’ve combined the best of boutique hotel amenities and the convenience of car share. It’s practical lodging that gives you a taste of luxe van life and the freedom to go anywhere.

The Cabana Experience

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Freedom to roam, comfortably

We offer a new experience for travelers: luxury comfort and the freedom of mobility. We innovate to make the journey more convenient, connected and carefree.

Plan for spontaneity, foster serendipity

Our fondest memories come from unplanned places and experiences. While you can’t manufacture memories, Cabana’s smart lodging enables flexible travel so you can focus on the journey, the people, and the moments that bring you closer to your happy place—and hopefully, serendipity.

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Delight to enlighten

The design philosophy is the core of our brand promise. We use technology to make things easier for our guests and provide the means to a comfortable experience —enabling you to find yourself or simply a wonderful new view.

"The experience could not have been better. The van worked well and was comfortable beyond expectations!"
- Elliot
"I would recommend this van to anyone looking to add a little adventure in their life!"
- Henri-Bastien
"It’s beautiful, very well designed, and easy to drive."
- Julia

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