About us

Cabana offers a new experience for travelers: luxury comfort and the freedom of mobility. We've designed and built a fleet of upscale custom-made mobile hotel rooms to give you the freedom to travel and sleep where you want, when you want.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for serendipity, wonder, and adventure.

Our Story

In 2019, we set out to pave the way for a new travel experience. What if you could bring your hotel room with you? How much stress would be avoided if you could book your hotel and car in one reservation? How would it change travel if you had the ability to make and change plans on the fly without cancelling reservations? And, could we really design a campervan that is as good or better than a hotel room?

Today we offer you Cabana. We’ve taken luxury amenities of a thoughtfully designed suite and outfitted it for a small space. Every element, from personalized trip planning to our mobile app to our mobile hotel design, is carefully crafted to offer you an effortless, premium travel experience.

Moments in the Spotlight

We’re the team working to improve your travel experience.

Addie Payne-Morgan
Industrial Design Engineer Intern
Bobby Le
Operations Manager - Los Angeles Region
Demory Hobbs
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Kelsey Bumsted
Marketing Manager
Scott Kubly
CEO & Founder
Nikita Rao
UX Designer
Burton Miller
VP of Engineering
Levi Sawyers
Head of Product
Jason Musgrave
Principal Engineer
Emma Green
Head of Marketing
Gabriel Ong
Jr. Software Engineer
Patrick McLean
Head Design Engineer

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