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In 2019, we set out to pave the way for a new travel experience. What if you could bring your hotel room with you? How much stress would be avoided if you could book your hotel and car in one reservation? How would it change travel if you had the ability to make and change plans on the fly without cancelling reservations?

And, could we really design a campervan that is as good or better than a hotel room?

The design philosophy is the core of our brand promise.

Simple. We made complicated systems easy. It shouldn’t take you 20 minutes to learn how to use every electrical or water system.

Smart. Small spaces get cluttered quickly and people travel with luggage. We designed storage solutions to keep your stuff neat and tidy to free up more space.

Plush. Every challenge is an opportunity, we didn’t settle for just okay. The same high-end amenities you’d expect from a hotel room are packed into a smaller space without sacrificing comfort.

Familiar. No steep learning curves here, it should drive more like a car and park like it, too (the backup cameras were a must).

Reliable. You’re here for the experience--your trip shouldn’t be interrupted by broken systems or the power being out. Each van is serviced and sanitized to ensure a consistent experience. Our team works 24/7 for in-trip needs.

Automated. We want to put trip planning back in your hands. This is why we developed a counterless-check in process and prioritized accessibility. We know that good stuff can happen on the fly.

We’re the team working to improve your travel experience.

Kelsey Bumsted
Marketing Manager
Demory Hobbs
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Scott Kubly
CEO & Founder
Nikita Rao
UX Designer
Burton Miller
VP of Engineering
Levi Sawyers
Senior Product Manager
Jason Musgrave
Principal Engineer
Emma Green
Head of Marketing
Sean Jen
General Manager - Seattle
Theresa Bale
General Manager - California Markets
Justin Henry
General Manager - California Markets
Nathan Johnson
Software Developer
Gabriel Ong
Jr. Software Engineer
Patrick McLean
Head Design Engineer