East Texas

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Best of East Texas

Escape to the nearby woods and dive into the cityscape on your trip around Eastern Texas

The haunting and mysterious Caddo Lake.

Day 1 - Austin to Lake Livingston

Hit the road for your first 3.5 hour leg to Lake Livingston - the second largest lake in Texas, connected to the quaintest of towns in the rolling hills of East Texas.

Explore Lake Livingston

Stop halfway through at 1775 Texas Pit BBQ in college station before finishing out your drive to Livingston. Relax on the lake itself and revel in the beauty of the ever-blooming wildflowers. Then, feel the charm of the sweet small town.

Day 2 - Lake Livingston to Tyler

Head another 2.5 North to Tyler, Texas along the scenic highway and into the piney woods

Explore the Piney Woods

Check out miles of history and rose gardens. And if you’re feeling adventurous, head to the haunting and mysterious Caddo Lake.

Day 3 - Tyler to Dallas

Hop in the van and begin your journey out of small towns and nature and into the city. Next stop, Dallas.

Explore Dallas

Visit the eclectic neighborhoods of Deep Ellum, Arts District or Uptown - each with their own vibe and things to do. Get lost in an art museum, stroll down Margarita Mile, and see some live music in the city.

Day 4 - Dallas to Austin

Make your slow return back to Austin, about 3.5hrs to round out your Cabana mobile stay.

Explore Waco

Cut the drive in half by exploring the infamous town of Waco – Magnolia Market anyone?

Why stop here? There's so much more to explore.