One Way Trips: Seattle to California

How It Works

Step 1
View the available rental dates and pick up locations below.

Step 2
Email with the following information.

Step 3
If requested Cabana is available, our team will send you a quote to finalize your booking. Quotes must be confirmed within 24 hours in order to book the reservation. Any quotes not confirmed within 24 hours will be canceled and moved to the back of the queue. 

Note: There is currently no additional fee for one-way trips. Rental rates are the cost of a Seattle rental for your dates. Any requests outside of the below dates will not be considered given that we are not able to accommodate timelines further out. One way trips are seasonal and we plan on offering the dates again in April/May 2023 for May/June 2023 travel. Thank you for your interest!

Available Rentals: Seattle to Los Angeles

Available Rentals: Seattle to San Francisco