There are a lot of places to go to for information on where to stay when you are out exploring the countryside. A good rule of thumb is that anywhere with tent camping should work, but you should always check to see if they allow camper vans. Here are a few resources that you can use to find great places to stay:

The Dyrt

Know what to expect before you go camping. 1 million+ campsites, reviews & tips from local campers to get you fully prepared.

The Roam

Cabana’s blog that offers itineraries, our favorite spots, helpful tips, and more.

Harvest Hosts

Wineries, breweries, and farms all over the country that cater to travelers in camper vans and RVs. You have to join to participate, but we’ve heard good things.


Hipcamp is the AirBnB of camping. You can find farms, ranches, and other private properties to park on.


Recreation.gov shows public campgrounds all over the US that are perfect places to park your Cabana. Some take reservations and some don’t.


500+ RV campgrounds across North America that offer budget sites and water fill-ups and dumping for those longer trips.

Ski Resorts

A lot of the local ski resorts run out of rooms on the weekends. You can park your Cabana nearby or in some of the parking lots and hit the slopes.


Sometimes you want to camp where you’ll have no neighbors and pay no fees.
Or maybe you simply get too tired to make it to your destination and need a place to safely and peacefully rest up. Here are a few tips and disclaimers

Do your research. Know who owns the land and learn their rules.

Check the signs and park away from travel lanes.

Be discrete and respect your neighbors’ desire for peace and quiet.

Don’t blaze your own path, Leave No Trace, and watch for burn bans.

If a gate is open today, don’t assume it will be tomorrow!